The Dells' Neptune Chichester Kitchen

Old kitchen dividing wall was knocked down

Center island unit and rounded cupboards

Range cooker with adjusted units either side

Grand base unit perfect for pots and pans

Beautiful natural granite with flecs of gold

Neptune Chichester table with Henley Chairs

3 bedroom semi detatched period home in Lancashire

When Katy and Holger moved in to their new Victorian house they found the kitchen to be small and dark, being at the back of the house with only one window. The units were old varnished pine and very 1980’s. As a designer Katy was happy to set about restoring the house with a classic but not old fashioned look.

Katy had always dreamed of having an open plan kitchen dining room so she researched kitchens that would still be sympathetic to the Victorian house. After research they found that most kitchens for the period of the house would have been in solid wood or painted wood. Katy also liked the fact that if she wanted a different look in the future she could just paint the kitchen a new colour or it could be touched up to look new.

“The Neptune Chichester Kitchen is perfect for a character home but without being old fashioned or country cottage”

The dividing kitchen wall would have to be knocked down and removed and replaced with a supporting beam. They decided that double French doors leading out to the garden would allow the light to stream in and get rid of the dark feel once and for all. There would be no kitchen for a few weeks but the end result would be worth the work.

Deciding against the chipboard carcasses used by many of her local kitchen retailers, Katy saw an article in a home magazine featuring a beautiful kitchen that had been supplied by Surrey Furniture & Kitchens. It was the Neptune Chichester Kitchen painted in limestone that she fell in love with!

Whilst the structural work was being done, Katy and Surrey Furniture & Kitchens worked together to plan the kitchen. As it was a spacious room, Katy envisaged a centre island unit as its focus with a large range cooker as a feature. To offset the long rectangular shape of the room, Surrey Kitchens suggested using rounded cupboards on either side of the row of units and adding some rounded furniture to break up all the straight lines.

"Once the kitchen arrived I was amazed!Each unit is its own piece
of beautifully made furniture , so it was fitted much faster than the flat packed kitchens we had been used to in the past.”

The only complicated bits were the units either side of the cooker, as the chimney breast was set out from the wall. Neptune’s kitchen units are all the same depth so rather than having dummy doors, they decided to take the back of the units off and cut the depth of the two cabinets to fit. Because the units were so solid the joiner didn’t have a problem, he reduced the depth of these two cupboards and popped the backs back on. They filled in any joins again and re painted the units with the matching paint from Neptune.

“The cupboards either side of the range are much nicer and more useful than the fake cupboard doors which many other kitchen companies use for situations like this - the space is perfect for cooking oils and bottles.”
They kept the original Victorian pine larder cupboard but painted it in the same limestone colour to blend in with the rest of the kitchen.

“With the money we saved keeping the original cupboard we chose to invest in the beautiful grand base drawer unit that has deep drawers perfect for storing pots and pans.  Surrey Furniture & Kitchens suggested we set this unit out slightly from the rest of the units. This created a really bespoke/hand made look and was a great idea to break up the long line of units.”

To contrast the Limestone units Holger really wanted black granite work surfaces. To add a little glamour Katy persuaded him to opt for Star Galaxy granite which has flecks of gold that look stunning when the light catches the surface. The corners of the granite tops were rounded off to complement the rounded doors. Just having the up stands rather than full tiled walls meant the kitchen was simple yet stylish. They kept the solid oak top that came on the center island so it would break up the dark tops. Holger also chose the grey tiles for behind the cooker, to match the stainless steel appliances and natural colour scheme.

“When deciding on the flooring I think it’s really important to have a sample of the flooring next to the cupboards, especially when it’s a large room and those are the main two colours you see.”

For the flooring Katy & Holger originally wanted real limestone. But once the new French doors were installed and the dividing wall knocked down, the room became much lighter and they already had light cupboards and walls. So they changed their minds last minute and decided to go for a natural oak flooring to set off the units and add to the natural hand made look of the kitchen.

Unfortunately the flooring ended up being a huge problem.. The online company they used to purchase the solid oak flooring advised them to use a 'peel and stick' underlay, and after a couple of months the flooring had moved so much it had opened up large gaps in between the joins. All the flooring had to be taken up and re-laid using flooring screws and glue.

The solid oak floor is now perfect for the two mucky Cocker Spaniels, Bailey and Nutmeg who happily go in and out to the garden all day long.

At the other end of the room in front of the two large Victorian windows was space for a dining table. Again to break up the rectangular feel of the room Katy and Holger opted for the matching Neptune Chichester round dining table with oak top but with the Henley fabric chairs which are very comfortable and great for diner parties.

"Our friends always think the kitchen must have cost us much more than what we actually paid for it, we think it was real value for money and worth every penny. We have a hand made kitchen for a fraction of the price – but don’t tell anyone.”

  • Kitchen Cabinets including handles and coving £11,500
  • Neptune Chichester dining table and Henley Chairs £ 1,650
  • Tiles behind cooker from a local tile supplier £200
  • Star Galaxy granite £2,900
  • Solid Oak Flooring £1,900

Please note that prices are correct as per date of publication January 2013.